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Over the last ten years of working with clients, it’s become really clear that there are issues that almost all my clients end up having to deal with. Which of course isn’t really surprising. Because often what brings people to therapy is the inherently difficult job of being human. So along the way I’ve tried to write simple resources that explain important concepts and provide suggestions – either activities to try or perspectives to reflect on.

If something here is useful to you, I’d love to hear from you, and I’m very happy to answer any questions it raises or clarify anything you’re uncertain about. I’m more than happy for these pieces to be shared – all I’d ask is that you share a link to the page rather than to your downloaded copy of the resource, for obvious reasons.


Morph-like cartoon humanoid wrapped up in red tape that says FEAR on it


Dealing with Fear




Giant shaming pointing finger pointed at silhouette of a woman with her head bowed

Body Shame and Weight Issues Programme




If there is any subject you’d like me to cover, do send me an email and I’ll try to write something to include in the library. If I write something to directly address your request I’ll be sure to let you know by email when the article is published.

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