What can therapy help with?

No matter what you’re struggling with, entering into therapy can be a precious way of caring for yourself. Here is a far-from-exhaustive list of common struggles which bring people to therapy:

Addiction, being an Adoptee, Anger, Anxiety / panic, Attachment issues, Bitterness, Blocked creativity, Body image issues, Codependence, being a Carer, Complex Trauma, Confidence issues, Coping with disability or physical illness, Depression, Difficulty in romantic or friendship relationships, Envy, Facing death, Financial difficulty, Finding balance, Isolation, Life purpose, Loneliness, Loss and Mourning, Navigating significant change, Need for more meaning in life, Old resentments, Over-working, Phobias or compulsions, Procrastination, Recovering from trauma or abuse, Self-discovery, Self-neglect, Self-loathing / low self esteem, Shame, Sexual problems, Sexuality, Spiritual seeking or stuckness.