Coming Home to Ourselves, Coming Home to God

A poster advertising a body meditation workshop scheduled for April 29th-30th 2017 called Coming Home to Ourselves, Coming Home to God. The background image is of a mountain range at dawn. In the foreground is a silhouette of a woman, her feet firmly planted on the earth and her arms outstretched to the sides.

29-30th April 2017, Purley Quaker Meeting House

I’ve designed this workshop for people who struggle with anxiety, as I did for many years, and people who are healing from c-PTSD (for more about c-PTSD, see this NHS information).

We will be spending a lot of time in silent body-focused meditation; seated, laying, standing and also walking over beautiful nearby Riddlesdown.

I’ve designed the meditations around the symbolism of the Cross and the names of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, very much inspired by the contemplative traditions.

The overall intention is to provide a very gentle introduction to more body-focused contemplative practice, and to support people to return Home to their own bodies, often the location of distressing sensation during anxiety, to find ‘that of God’ within themselves, in the mysterious differing forms S/He takes to meet us.

Whilst I’m working with overtly Christian symbolism, this isn’t a workshop only for people who identify as Christian. I’m keen to welcome people of all and any and no faith, as long as they’re interested in this approach. The only requirement is that participants are in some kind of ongoing counselling or psychotherapy.

To book, or for more information, contact me at The cost of this workshop is only £50.

This workshop forms the final part of my diploma course in Integrative Psychotherapy.